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Company audit in the UK - in terms of compliance of the company's operations with the UK GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018

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I run a company. I have some Regulations, Privacy Policy on the website, but I don't know if that's all I need?

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I run a company. I have UK GDPR documentation, but I am introducing new services and online sales. I don't know which of my documents need to be changed and how?
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Company audit - in terms of compliance with the UK GDPR law and current ICO guidelines

AUDIT - compliance with UK GDPR

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When preparing an audit of your company, we will ask you for information on personal data that you collect from individuals, including clients and / or employees, as part of your business – the audit questionnaire is a form with questions that you will receive from us by email.

Next, we will track the flow of personal data in your company, i.e. who, when and for what purpose has access to them.

We will determine the legal basis that justifies this collection of personal data by you, their categories, the purpose for which you can use them, as well as the time for which you have the right to store them.

Then we will determine whether you are only a Controller or also a person processing personal data as a Processor, and what obligations you have in this regard.

If your company already has UK GDPR documentation, we will analyse its compliance with the law and the current operations of the company.

We will describe all this for you in the “Post-Audit Report”, which will also contain a list of  UK GDPR documents necessary and recommended for your company.



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