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Acting as Data Protection Officer in your UK company

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Customer 1

I run a health clinic with several doctors of various specialties

Customer 2

I run a large catering company and collect customer allergy data
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Data Protection Officer (DPO) for my company

DPO - Data Protection Officer

This service is suitable for:

Performing the role of the  Data Protection Officer on a permanent basis – for your UK company.

We sign the contract online, make the necessary changes to your documentation, register the new DPO with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and from now on we are officially the contact person for personal data subjects and the unit controlling the application of the law of your business.

As part of this service, we will:

notify you about any legal changes in the subject of UK GDPR,

keep a record of processing activities (“Record of processing activities“) in accordance with the requirements of art. 30 UK GDPR,

– provide unlimited online and telephone advice,

regularly (once a year) audit your company,

make required changes to the documentation required by law,

be your representative in case of any matter in the ICO (including data breach proceedings) and data subjects (Data Subject Access Request).

Appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is your responsibility, for example when:

  • Your company/organisation processes a large amount of sensitive data (all hospitals, clinics, medical offices, laboratories, masseurs, physiotherapists, nutritionists and dietary catering companies, restaurants, beauticians dealing with simpler aesthetic treatments, pharmacies, companies transporting patients and supplying medicines, caring for the elderly and children, schools, parties, trade unions, churches, companies providing various types of services for people who have served a prison sentence, lawyers, financial and credit advisors, and often a company completely unrelated to the health service, or politics, but simply collecting information from employees about whether they belong to any of the trade unions)
  • Your company deals with the profile of people or their behaviour.

Who can be your DPO?

According to UK law – Data Protection Officer must be an independent data protection expert.

The DPO can be an existing employee or an externally appointed person for this purpose.



£ 199 / £ 299


Up to 5 employees – £199/month (12 months contract)

Over 5 employees – from £299/month (12 months contract)

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