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Preparation of content for your website and social media accounts - Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Terms & Condition (e-shop, website or mobile application) in accordance with  UK GDPR

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I run an online business with procedures compliant with UK GDPR, but there are no privacy policies, cookie policies, or Terms & Conditions on my website.

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I am creating mobile applications, and I would like for its users to be able to familiarise themselves with the principles of privacy and terms & conditions.
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UK GDPR for Online Business

UK GDPR for Online Business

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Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Information for social accounts and contact forms

Every business or organisation has a legal obligation to notify data subjects about how their personal data are processed.

You should do so at the time of receiving the data or at the latest within one month of receiving it.

Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the Privacy Policy on your website or mobile application is in a visible place and contains elements required by law (such as: designation of the administrator, the legal basis you have chosen for specific types of processing, description of the rights of your recipients, period of time after which you delete user data, etc.).

Otherwise, you would have to send an email to each individual within 30 days of the first contact with information on how you protect their data, what rights they have, etc. The same applies to information on your social accounts.

The mentions you put under your contact forms and the place where people can sign up for your newsletter are also important.

You need “data subject’s consent” (expressed in accordance with the law) to provide marketing content, but to contact someone about your offer or answer an inquiry sent via the form – consent is not needed. The only thing you need to take care of is that the user has the opportunity to read the Privacy Policy.

Why it is important?

Because the processing of personal data on the basis of consent – results in the obligation to keep a “Record of Consent“.

That is why, when preparing the Privacy Policy, we will help you choose the legal basis, processing time and other elements so that they are the most beneficial for your company. And according to these choices, we will prepare the entire UK GDPR documentation for your website, mobile applications and social accounts.

Terms & Conditions

If you sell your products or services directly from your website or mobile application, you are entering into a contract with the customer.

Your contract is your  “Terms & Conditions”.

Therefore, it is important that you include in its content the provisions on which you conduct transactions with the client. In order to precisely and in accordance with the relevant laws and obligations of the parties, liability and its exclusions, etc.


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