Affiliate Programme

Are your website visitors or company customers interested in the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or compliance?

If so, you could be earning money with our Affiliate Programme.

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Why join the DataProExpert Affiliate Scheme?

With minimal effort, you could be translating your current traffic into extra income for your business.

With full range of products and services on our offer covering the UK GDPR and cyber security – you can choose the items that suit you and your audience. It shouldn’t be difficult – because as you know every website needs a Privacy Policy, and every company operating in the UK must comply with data protection laws.

As our official partner, you can offer your clients the highest quality service we offer in the field of personal data protection for UK companies and companies/organizations that offer their products or services on the British market, based outside UK.
This will allow you to bolster your offer to visitors of your website or customers of your company.

We make sure that all our clients receive the highest quality service in the shortest possible time.

With our remote tools, your clients can book an appointment for a UK GDPR consultation immediately; and then, as agreed, they will receive a service tailored to their needs.

Our products and services

Our consultancy and training offering, combined with our toolkits, software, and essential knowledge, make us a key supplier for organizations all over the UK, which in turn creates a great opportunity for affiliates to generate substantial commissions.

We don’t just sell to big business and the public sector. A significant market for us comes in the shape of individuals, small online businesses and even blogger websites.

How to get started

If you would like to s to become our Affiliate Partner, please give us a call or contack us at:

Once we contact you to discuss details – our Affiliate Programme Manager will walk you through the steps to get started.

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