Errors in the Privacy Policy on the website - this is also a violation of the GDPR!

The Luxembourg data protection authority imposed a fine of 3700 euros on a company operating a website and a mobile application for failing to provide sufficient information on data processing and for implementing a privacy policy that did not reflect reality.

On July 17, 2020, the Luxembourg data protection authority initiated an investigation into company “A,” the owner of a website and mobile application, to verify compliance with Article 12(1), 13, and 14 of the GDPR.

The investigation focused on users of the website and mobile application.

The investigation revealed that:

  • The privacy policy listed processing operations that were not actually carried out;
  • The privacy policy was not available on all pages where the company collected data;
  • In the case of the mobile application, no privacy policy was available before downloading, and after installing the application, the privacy policy was not easily accessible;
  • The privacy policy was available in only two languages, while the website was available in three languages;
  • The privacy policy did not mention how long the data would be stored or the right to restrict processing.

The owner of the controlled website and mobile application responded that the unavailability of information was due to the attitude of the service provider, i.e. the IT company to whom he entrusted the management of the website and application.

If you are the owner of a website or a mobile application and want to create a Privacy Policy that will comply with the law – our website: “Online Business” may be useful.

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The content of the Privacy Policy on the website is the responsibility of the website administrator
- not the creator of privacy policies available online or the IT specialist!

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